Comprehensive Workplace First Aid

Comprehensive Workplace First Aid

$190.00 pp incl. GST

12 hours 2 days

08:30 - 5:00 and 0830 - 12:30

NZQA Units: 6400 and 6401, 6402 (4 credits) Level 2

12 hours face to face training to meet NZQA requirements.

*NB: In order to complete Unit Standard 6402 Provide Basic Life Support (CPR) ALL students must be physically capable of getting to, kneeling on and getting up from the floor to use the manikins both to complete the practice and assessments portion of the class

Comprehensive First Aid is recommended for all workplaces, higher-risk job sites, working outside or in cool stores, working at heights, with electricity or chemicals, away from the urban environment where it might take a bit longer for emergency services to arrive. Being able to respond first, while waiting for medical professionals to arrive, is essential to help others and save lives.

Course Content

Scene Assessment

    • Calling 111

    • Primary survey

    • Secondary survey

    • Care of unconscious patient

Resuscitation (CPR)

    • Adult, child & infant CPR

    • Treatment for choking adult, child & infant

    • AED Automated external defibrillator

Wounds, bleeding and shock

    • How to stop major bleeding

    • Recognizing and Managing shock

Medical emergencies

    • Breathing Difficulties

    • Diabetic emergency

    • Seizures

    • Chest pains

    • Stroke

    • Anaphylaxis

Fractures Management

    • Sprains

    • Head injuries

    • Spinal injury

Hypothermia & hyperthermia

    • Frost nip & frost bite

    • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


    • Thermal (from a heat source)

    • Chemical

    • Electrical


    • Inhaled

    • Absorbed

    • Injected

    • Ingested