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First Aid at Work

(NZQA Units: 6401 and 6402 with options for basic life support (CPR) and emergency care first aid)


First Aid at Work is a basic first aid course more for inside, low-risk job sites and within the home. The First Aid at Work course is suitable for anyone who may find themselves in a position that requires them to respond in an accident or emergency situation that requires  basic essential first aid and CPR skills.

Course covers: over 8 hours face to face training.

Course Content

Scene Assessment

  • Scene safety

  • Calling 111

Medical Conditions

  • Chest pains

  • Stroke

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Seizures

  • Diabetic emergency 


  • CPR

  • CPR & choking (adult, child, infant)

  • AED Automated External Defibrillator

Wounds, bleeding and shock

  • How to stop major bleeding

  • Recognizing and Management of Shock

  • Fractures, Soft tissue injuries

  • Burns

  • Thermal ( from a heat source)

  • Chemical

  • Electrical


  • Inhaled

  • Absorbed

  • Injected

  • Ingested

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