First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work

$140.00 pp incl. GST

8 hours

8:30am - 5:00pm

NZQA Units: 6401 & 6402

2 Credits

*NB: In order to complete Unit Standard 6402 Provide Basic Life Support (CPR) ALL students must be physically capable of getting to, kneeling on and getting up from the floor to use the manikins both to complete the practice and assessments portion of the class

Course content

The First Aid at Work course is suitable for anyone who may find themselves in a position that requires them to take charge of an incident that requires first aid until more experienced help arrives.

Programmes designed to meet the minimum requirements for persons to be certified as first aiders in the workplace will also need to take into account the Department of Labour guidelines and meet the New Zealand Qualifications Authority requirements. Current Department of Labour guidelines on providing first aid training are available from

Scene assessment

    • scene safety
    • calling 111 etc

Medical conditions

    • chest pains
    • stroke
    • breathing difficulties
    • seizures
    • diabetic emergency


    • CPR
    • CPR & choking (adult, child, infant)
    • AED Automated external defibrillator

Wounds, bleeding and shock

    • How to stop major bleeding
    • Recognizing and Management of Shock

    • Fractures, Soft tissue injuries
    • Burns
    • thermal ( from a heat source)
    • chemical
    • electrical


    • Inhaled
    • Absorbed
    • Injected
    • Ingested.

City First Aid Training can tailor a course to suit - please contact us for further details.