Outdoor First Aid

outdoor first aid

$175.00 Per Person, including GST

*Courses are created on demand

8 Hours (1 day)

8:30am - 5:00pm

NZQA Units: Unit 424.

Prerequisite unit standards 6400 6401 6402

8 Hour face to face training to meet NZQA requirements

Please contact us to talk about tailoring this course to suit your activity or sports. 0800277 222

course content

This course covers how to deliver outdoor emergency first aid in dramatic or extreme situations and trains you to respond in a manner that can saves lives.

You will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence required to help stabilise the people/situation until further assistance arrives.

    • Aquire information related to injures and/or medical problems associated with your chosen outdoor activity.

    • Identifying and minimising harmful environmental conditions.

    • Learn immediate emergency care while waiting for emergency services. (From 2-12 hours)

    • Maintain group morale and safety.

    • Carry techniques & description of patients conditions.

    • The correct procedure for a log roll.