workplace Safety

workplace Safety

We are accredited to offer a range of Unit Standards from the domain OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICE. We can put together a package that meets your requirements from the following units:

Level 1

497 Protect health and safety in the workplace

Level 2

17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace

Level 3

19522 Occupational Health and Safety Practice

17588 Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace

17602 Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace

17586 Demonstrate knowledge of electrical safety in the workplace

18408 Demonstrate knowledge of fire and emergency warden duties in the workplace

18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined space

17594 Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace

20733 Demonstrate knowledge of safe storage and handling of hazardous substances in the workplace

17596 Demonstrate knowledge of Safety Observer responsibilities in the workplace

17591 Demonstrate knowledge of the prevention and management of OOS in the workplace

17585 Demonstrate knowledge of working safely in extremes of temperature

20645 Describe the requirements of the HSNO Act 1996 relevant to approved handlers

17600 Explain safe work practices for working at heights

17592 Identify the causes of back injury and methods to prevent back injuries in the workplace

17590 Issue work site specific work permits

18409 Use a forklift mounted safety platform in the workplace

29315 Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Rep. in a NZ workplace

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